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Mystery Binder Bundle

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The Mystery Binder Bundle offers a surprise of items to help start or complete your collection. Containing a surprise assortment of products, it's the perfect way to expand your binder or find hard-to-find items.

The mystery binder bundle contains 1 classic irregular binder, a planner accessory and a vellum.

You will receive the following.

  • 1 Classic irregular* binder
  • 1 Planner accessory
  • 1 Vellum
  • Free shipping

*Transparent card slots may exhibit scuff marks, rings may present scuffing, and crooked stitching may occur.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Susan Summers
Beautiful Mystery Binder Bundle!

I received the pink Victoria classic size binder in this mystery bundle along with really cute dividers, a ring protector, and a flyleaf. It is all beautiful and thoughtfully designed with great attention to detail. And of course, the packaging is amazing as always! I know these mystery bundles are supposed to be "defective" but I cannot for the life of me find a defect! Before I received this, I did not think I would enjoy the envelope-style closure on a binder but it turns out that this closure does not interfere with my writing at all. So I am glad that I chose to purchase this bundle. Now I want to purchase the black Victoria as well! Thank you, Tonya, for creating such lovely, high-quality and functional binders!


The mystery binder bundle was perfect. I couldn’t have done better if I had selected it myself. Thanks