My Story

I used to struggle with punctuality, constantly running late and feeling like I couldn't seize the opportunities I desired due to my inability to manage time effectively. Time became my adversary, causing me to miss events and appointments, leaving others disappointed. My life felt disorganized, and I questioned why my aspirations never translated into real achievements. Looking back, I recognized moments where I wasted time.

My transformation began when I enrolled in a time management course at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. For the first time, I learned to create a daily schedule, enabling me to visualize and plan my day efficiently. This newfound skill was a game-changer, and that course became one of the most valuable experiences in my college journey.

However, I hadn't fully embraced planners yet. It wasn't until a few years later, during my corporate career, that a colleague introduced me to a Franklin Covey course that offered a free planner. Curiosity led me to attend, and it revolutionized my life. Despite my previous time management education, I hadn't learned how to utilize planners effectively. This course filled that gap.

Using a planner transformed my life. I became adept at paying bills on time, managing my family responsibilities, and ensuring I never missed crucial events. It instilled a sense of accomplishment and organization that was unparalleled. This is why I am passionate about sharing planners with you. I personally use mine daily and relish the satisfaction of being organized.

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