What does using a planner say about your personality? And planner flip through

What does using a planner say about your personality? And planner flip through


Hello my friends, I hope you're doing well. What does using a planner say about your personality? Do you think that certain personality types are more likely to use a planner and certain personality types will struggle with a planner? In this video I'm going to give you my thoughts about that. And I'm going to do a flip through of my planner so you can see what I wrote on my planner inserts this week. 

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The more you know about other people, the better equipped you are to deal with other people and their personalities. So, as I began to talk about this, let me show you my binder, a beautiful crop binder. This binder is called “The Tiffany” and this is a Tonya Plans Binder and it can be found on the Tonyaplans.com website which is linked underneath this video.

This binder has tons of organization. There is an outside pocket that goes all the way down to the spine and it has nice satiny material on the inside here, so that pages slide easily in and out of the binder. This is a strap binder and it has the perfect amount of tension here so that the strap doesn't fly open too easily and it will keep your plans safe.

Now look how beautiful this is. So, I'm going to quickly do a tour of this binder so you can see its features up close. You have two elasticized pen loops on the front cover here and on the back cover. The elastic allows the binder to be able to accommodate larger and smaller ink pens. You also have a third pin loop here on the flyleaf that you can use as well. This binder also has an additional inside pocket here that goes down to the spine. It has a zippered pocket here with a gusseted pocket and again with that satiny material on the inside. As you can see here it has a separate pool that matches the croc design of the binder. There is a place here where you can put documents and this binder has tons of space for cards; several cards here in the card slot. And it also has a seat through a card slot holder here.

The binder I am showing you is in the classic size and it has two large slots here for documents and also two smaller slots right here. This binder also comes in a compact size and both the compact and classic size fits Franklin planner inserts. Also, both binders, smaller and larger binders come with a beautiful flyleaf that matches the binder and on the back of the flyleaf or additional card slots and it also will come with the clear page lifter.

Now these two items, the flyleaf and clear page lifter will protect your planner pages from getting frayed on the inside.

So back on the subject of personality types. A few years ago, my job paid for us- the employees to take a personality test, it was called a “Myers Briggs test”. So why would my job want to do that? The reason they thought it was important to do that, because they know if we understand the personality type of our coworkers and our coworkers understand our personality types, there could be more cohesiveness at work. Because if I know your personality type, before I even approach you, it may cause me to approach you differently. Just imagine if you knew the personality type of the people around you, even your loved ones, wouldn't it help you get along better with them, if you knew their personality type and what they prefer?

So, what is my personality type? And could it be like yours? My personality type are the letters and those letters are letters from “The Myers Briggs Personality Test”. There are lots of personality tests out there. Myers Briggs isn't the only personality test some other personality tests you have to pay for. So, when I say a personality test, they'll give you a list of questions and you answer these questions about yourself. And then when you're done, it computes a score and it tells you your personality type. And what they found is most people fall in certain groups, a personality type. Well, you can use this data to better deal with other people. Some personality tests you have to pay for like the Myers Briggs test. I believe that information is proprietary, and they make you pay for those results. But there are other personality tests out there on the internet that are for free. And for that you would just Google a free personality test and a list of free personality tests will pop up.

If you happen to know your personality type letters, please put that in the comments below. I would love to know the different personality types out there of the type of people that watch these videos.

My personality type is ISTJ and these are abbreviations for the type of personality traits that I had that I stand for introverted. You can be an introverted person or pretty much an extrovert and everyone falls on a scale. So, some people are more introverted than others. So, when I looked at the scale of my test result extremely over to the introverted side, for example, I have a coworker that has the same personality type as I do, I actually work in an accounting slash IT department, and most of us tend to be duteous like people and her personality type was more toward the middle. But my personality type of introvertedness was way over. So, I am more introverted than most people in the department that I work for. 

So, to best describe an introverted and extroverted person, an introverted person gets their energy from when they are alone, they refresh and become more energized. It doesn't mean they don't like people, it just means well, in my case, people sometimes almost drain my energy.

I heard this story before. I don't know if it's true. I can't remember where I heard it from, I heard the story of Hillary and Bill Clinton. And as you know, Bill Clinton was a previous United States president. And I say that because some people watch my videos from outside of the country. And they may not recall that information. But they said Bill Clinton was an extrovert. He could go to a party energized from being around different people. In fact, when he got home from a party, that he was still wound up and excited from being around other people where Hillary Clinton is that on the other hand, felt drained after going to a party work to the point where she will almost have to come home and take a nap. And that is totally my personality.

Once I'm around people for so long. I feel the need to get away and recover and refresh. 

So those are the qualities of an introverted person. To sum it up, it is about where you get your energy from, do you get your energy from being alone? Or do you get your energy from being around other people?

So let me flip through a little bit more as I talk about my personality type. This is a clear divider where my name is decaled across the front here, I got this from my Etsy store. This is a pocket page divider where to put items in here, if I choose. Here is a picture pocket insert, which has four slots, where you can put different things in here. This is my family picture here, I have some square page flags, some regular page flags here and a clear journaling card here for decoration. Here, I have a faucet divider here from one of the cloth and paper subscription boxes. And here is also another divider for decoration. It is a month spread across two pages. I have work items in yellow, I have family items in pink, and I have my own personal items and blue.

So, to continue my discussion about personality ‘S’ and my personality stands for “sensing”. And from what I understand, sensing means that I am more likely to look at what's physically there, then use intuition. So, the ‘S’ means I am sensing meaning that I look more at the Physical Reality of Things, what I can see as opposed to rely on intuition. So, the opposite of a sensing person that looks at the physical reality is a person that runs off the intuition, more about what they believe than what they see, I believe I'm describing that correctly. And again, you can fall on the spectrum. You don't have to be all or nothing, no one is all sensing and all intuition, you can fall in the middle at different degrees.

So, the ‘T’ and my personality type means I'm thinking as opposed to feeling. So, I tend to think through things opposed to dealing with the world based on how I am feeling and the last letter and my personality type deals with how I process information that I'm given in life.

So, the letter ‘J’ stands for judging. And the opposite side of that personality type is key for perceiving. So, people that have a J personality type tend to take life events and they process them through thinking and feeling or if you're more of a ‘P’ or perceiving personality type, you process life events sensing and intuition. So, I'm kind of a more concrete type of person.

So, let's turn to my March calendar. If I had to guess, I bet most planning people like us who likes planners who likes to write things down are probably a little more introverted, I think extroverted people because they get their energy from outside from other people. They probably don't like to sit down like us and I say us because if you've watched his video to this point, so far, me and you are probably of a similar personality type. I think that extroverted people probably will be less likely to sit down like us and actually use a planner and write things out on a planner. So here on this monthly spread in blue, I have some doctor's appointments for myself and pink are doctor's appointments for my family members and yellow are some work-related meetings and over here on Sundays I write in my Instagram stats and my YouTube stat.

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So let me tell you what happened after my job gave us the personality test. And we got our results back about what our personality types were. People were taking their personality types and hanging them on the outside of their cube. So, before you even walked in their cube to ask them a question, you already knew what their personality type was, it was so much fun.

A lot of times, I wasn't surprised by different personality types, I kind of figured who was an extrovert and who was an introvert. So, a lot of extroverted people were surprised by their results. And a lot of introverted people like me, already knew. I already knew I was introverted, and that I need some time alone to get that energy back. I like people, I like dealing with people. I'm kind of people, I love people. But there comes a moment where I have to get away from people to reenergize myself. So just imagine what that can do to relationships. If you knew the personality type of the people that you deal with. Just think about if you knew the personality type of your spouse, it can help you approach them differently.

My husband is extroverted, he believes he's introverted, but he's actually extroverted. I remember a couple of years ago, we went to a wedding. And I was ready to go after a couple of hours. But my husband, I mean, he shut the place down like he wanted to stay the entire time. Like they were literally cleaning up after the wedding and putting chairs up in his mind. He was around friends and family, he was just laughing and having a good time. And in my mind, I was over it in a couple of hours. I was ready to go home, get out of the attire and just rest and reenergize from being around so many people. So, I feel that knowing our different personality types help our marriage because now before we go to a function, I can kind of get a feeling from him by asking him how long he plans to stay. Because if he plans to stay longer, maybe I can drive separately, so I can leave when I'm ready. Or maybe I can make arrangements to catch a ride home with someone else. Or maybe I can get ready in my mind. I don't mind staying at a social function for a long time, as long as I know ahead of time, so that I can kind of prepare myself for that.

So, knowing different personality types can help you deal with the other person and frankly, help you get along better because you know how each other is.

So here on the weekly spread here, this is a week spread across two pages. This is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. So, there's a column for each day of the week, Saturday and Sunday share column over here. On the bottom is a section for daily tasks. And I have some beautiful washi tape here. But let me show you how this weekly section normally looks without the washi tape. Normally the word daily tasks are down here.

So, on the side here are times where you can block off time that you do stuff. Or if you like, you can ignore the times and just list the things that you want to do that day. I love the weekly spread because it allows me to see my week and how my time will be spent and allows me to see where I have things not scheduled. So, I know that I'll have time in my schedule to do certain things. The weekly spread like this is the ultimate in productivity because you can really see when you have time to do something.

So, I like to add a little interest to my planner, and I put this beautiful washi tape here. And I also put an I think this is this little sticker of a girl washing her hair. I like to wash my hair every couple of days because I'm not my face tends to break out. So, I put that here to remind myself that I want to wash my hair on Thursday or Friday. At the top I have written that I work late till 7pm these days, and I highlight it these days here because there is a moon phase where I track my feelings. So, I know that when there is a moon phase, I tend to have mood swings, and my husband tends to have mood swings as well, although he doesn't want to admit that. So, I'm highlighting this because on these days, I won't be quick to respond. I try to pause a moment before responding because I know that I may be more emotional on these days.

So, I highlight the day of the moon phase and the day before the moon phase because sometimes when someone puts a moon phase on the calendar, do you know the moon phase actually occurs at different times around the world depending on where you are on the globe because the Earth rotates. That's why I highlighted the day of the moon phase and the day before so I can watch out for my moon changes on those days. I blocked off the time that I work here. I also write in days that I have work related meetings here. And at the bottom here, I wrote down some things that I want to do on each of these days. For example, I need to go into the office this day to pick up a webcam because they ordered us a webcam. So, we have online meetings where they can see our face. So, I have on Thursday, I want to go to the office and pick that up. I need to close some charts of accounts on this day. And on this day, I need to call FedEx about some shipping rates. So those are some things that I have written here on my planner. I have a protector here with the family photo and I have an envelope here, some weekly compass cards back here, planning sheets next and then I have my clear page lifter and that's it. I keep my planner pretty much very simple.

Now at the time of this video this binder is not for sale. It will be released very soon. You may be catching this video a couple of days after this video was posted. So, if you're interested in this binder, it will be for sale at Tonyaplans.com and so please be sure to check the area underneath this video because it may be up for sale by the time you watch this video. Do you think people that plan tend to be introverted people? I would love to know what you think. Please don't forget to like this video. This is Tonya, helping you feel more organized so this can be your best year yet.

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