Unlock the secret to flawless planner pages! Use a pagelifter!

Unlock the secret to flawless planner pages! Use a pagelifter!

A planner writing board, also known as a pagelifter, is a useful accessory for writing in your planner without leaving imprints or indentations on the pages. Here's how to use it effectively:

  1. Place the Pagelifter: Lay the planner pagelifter under the planner inserts, where you plan to write in your planner. Ensure that the pagelifter is positioned securely in the rings.  Most people place the pagelifter in the very back of the inserts as it prevents your pages from fraying.

  2. Open Your Planner: Open your planner to the page where you want to write. 

  3. Write or Draw: Use a pen, pencil, or marker to write or draw in your planner as you normally would. The pagelifter provides a firm and smooth surface, preventing indentations or imprints from appearing on the pages underneath.

  4. Move the Pagelifter:  If you need to write on different pages or sections of your planner, simply lift the pagelifter and reposition it as needed. This allows you to maintain a stable writing surface and prevent any accidental imprints or smudges.

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By using a planner pagelifter, you can write in your planner with confidence, knowing that you won't inadvertently damage the pages with indentations or imprints. It's a simple yet effective tool for preserving the quality and appearance of your planner pages.

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