Three Ways I Use My Planner to Celebrate Father's Day

Three Ways I Use My Planner to Celebrate Father's Day

My father is no longer with us, so Father's Day is a time for reflection and remembrance. It brings back memories of our times together, reminding me of his love and the efforts he made for our family. Here’s how I use my planner to honor and celebrate Father's Day:


1. Visiting His Gravesite

   I don't often visit the cemetery because life gets busy and I don't want to feel sad, but my planner helps me set aside time for this important visit. Scheduling a visit in my planner to my father's grave provides a peaceful moment for reflection. I also make a note to bring cleaning supplies to keep his headstone clean.


2. Planning a Father’s Day Breakfast

   I use my planner to organize a Father’s Day breakfast for the fathers in my life. It's easy for fathers to be overlooked, but they deserve recognition too. I host a breakfast for my husband, my son (who is a first-time dad), and my two brother-in-laws. During the breakfast, I give them small gifts and handwritten notes expressing my appreciation. Without my planner, coordinating this event would be challenging.


3. Journaling About My Father

   Using my planner, I dedicate time to journal about my father and my feelings during this time. Writing helps with mental clarity and provides a tangible way to process emotions. Sometimes, talking to people isn't an option, so journaling becomes a valuable outlet for my thoughts, significantly aiding my mental health.


Father's Day can be a day of reflection and celebration, whether your father was significant in your life or not. We can all agree that our fathers played a role in our existence. Using a planner to commemorate these moments can be meaningful and help us stay connected to those we love.

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