New Planner Flip Through with Victoria Binder

New Planner Flip Through with Victoria Binder





Hello my friends, I hope you're doing well. I'm so excited because in this video, I will be doing a flip through of my new classic size Victoria Binder. If you're new here hello, my name is Tonya and I make videos on functional and practical planning. If being organized and productive is something that interests you, please be sure to hit the like and subscribe button.

So, this binder is brand new and this binder is called the Victoria and it has very intricate beautiful flower and leaf detail as you can see here. This is the spine of the binder. This is the back. And let me show you this up close so you can see the texture of the material. This binder also comes in other sizes and colors. It also comes in the black classic size as you see here, the pink compact size and the black compact size. And if you like you can put a chain with it. This chain can be shortened or worn long. And I will insert a picture of my daughter wearing the binder so you can kind of get an idea of how it would look on the body. You don't have to use the chain if you don't want to. You can use this binder without the chain.

So, I'm going to open her up here and do a quick tour of the inside features. On the inside you have a pen loop on the front cover that's elasticized and a pen loop on the back cover that's elasticized and you also get a third pen loop on the flyleaf which I will show you more in a moment. In the classic size binder, I am able to slip my cell phone here. I have the iPhone SE. And let me just see here I have a compact size here. Let me see if I'm able to slip my cell phone in the compact size. It is a little tight but yes, I am able to fit my iPhone in the compact size as well.

So going back to the features of this binder, I have a zipper here with a gusseted pocket where it expands out and there's a beautiful pink lining on the inside there. Then you have a secretarial pocket here for documents. You have several card slot holders and a see-through card slot holder. On the back cover here, you have two pockets. Now what you see here is a ring protector and a ring protector looks like this. This is how the black one looks. And what it will do is protect your binder from getting ring decks because sometimes you can see like dents from closing your binder; so, it will protect your binder from that. Just so you can get an idea of how it looks without the ring protector. It looks like this. This is the classic size. It has seven rings so it does fit Franklin Planner inserts.

Although it fits Franklin Planner inserts, it is sold on Franklin Planners website and is sold at and you can save money with discount promo code TONYAPLANS10. 

So, with this binder as I've already mentioned, you get lots of features including the chain that is optional to where if you want to end a chain is free while supplies last and you get a fly leaf with a third pin loop and you get the card slots on the back of the flyleaf both the page lifter and a fly leaf both have oblong holes, the oblong holes enable you to easily turn the item over your rings as you can see here.

So, let's get on with the flip through. Here is a dashboard that shows a world map. Here's a nice divider that I got in a cloth and paper subscription box that says own your own story. Here I have a clear plastic insert where I have some page flags both square and rectangle. There's a journaling card here and here's a picture of my family. This is me Tonya Plans, my husband, my daughter and my son. On the back I have a couple of more page flags here I have a pocket divider.

So now we're getting into the planner pages and let me show you my ink pen really quick. I like this ink pen because it has this little clip here and I don't like fussing with trying to get the ink pen in my pen loop. So, I like to just use the clip to attach it like that. So that's what you see there. So, getting into the planner pages, I like to have all of my monthly planner pages up front. So my month is spread across two pages as you can see here. Some people like to have these monthly planner pages, collated throughout their planner and between their daily or weekly pages. It's just a preference for me to have them all at the front of the planner. And then when I'm ready to look at this view, I know all of those monthly pages are at the front. 

So here is how it looks for the month and here is a page finder. I designed this page finder. It is transparent and I like transparent page finders because you can read what's on your planner pages without having to lift up the page finder and it is like a real simple gold design here. The gold design matches the gold rings on the planner. And speaking of the gold rings I've been getting this question a lot, people want to know how big the rings off the rings and the classic size this happens to be the black one. The rings in the classic size are 1.25 inches; So that's like saying it is the inch and a quarter. And the rings are removable as you can see right there with the screw. Now the rings and a smaller compact size. These are 1.2 inches. Now a lot of people think I'm misspeaking when I say 1.2 inches, the rings and the compact size are over an inch so they're larger than the typical rings found and smaller binders. I wanted the rings to be a little larger so that you can get more planner pages in your compact binder. And as you can see the compact binder's brains are removable, it has the screw there and there are six rings in the smaller compact size.

 So, for this month as you can see here, I did a little bit of decorating with some washi tape. Here are some of the things I have on my planner pages: I had a team huddle on this day at two o'clock. I had a planning session here. Here is an audit celebration, we had a successful accounting audit. On this day our dishwashers broke so I have a dishwasher repair person coming out on this day. On this day, I have a team lunch at one o'clock on this day. I have a doctor's appointment. There is a baseball game on this day. And there's a work function today at a place called the Farm House. I've never been there, but I'm excited to try it out. So that's how my month across two pages looks. So, I'm just flipping through here.

So the planner pages I'm currently using are the original and this is called the day on one page. So, this is a whole day and this is a whole day. And how these planner pages are broken out is that there is a section for a prioritized daily tasks list that I like to break up into personal and work tasks, then there is an appointment schedule over here. It starts at 8am and ends at 8pm. And then there is a section down here for daily notes. And I started to write a little small shopping list right here. So, I just like to write about the things that I plan to do that are personally related. And I like to separate work, I like to have all my work tasks in one section; that way, I'm not trying to look through both personal and work tasks and trying to figure out what I need to do next.

And finally, I have my clear page lifter right here. I am keeping a very minimal setup right now. I go through these phases where I have a whole bunch of stuff in my planner and I have tabs and all these things. But right now, I'm in this minimalistic phase. I want very minimalistic things in my binder to make it easy to carry, especially when I use the chain and I'm throwing this across my shoulder. I actually used this the other day at a meeting. If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a picture of my binder at the work meeting, and I absolutely loved it. I use this as my purse and wallet all in one. So I put my cell phone in here and I just went into the meeting. I actually got compliments on it. At first, I thought oh you know I'm not going to use the chain that much but I actually see myself using this chain more than I thought I would. 

So, I hope you found this video helpful. Please don't forget to like this video. Please let me know in the comments, if you think a chain on your planner binder is something that you will use or not. I'm really interested in knowing what you think as it may help me decide if I should include something like this again in the future with future binders. This is Tonya helping you feel more organized, so this can be your best year yet. Take care.




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