How to use journaling cards

How to use journaling cards


Hello, my friends, I hope you're doing well. In this video, I'm going to give you some ideas on how you can use your Journaling Cards. So, what are Journaling Cards? Well, a lot of times in the planner community when you order stickers and other planner accessories from different shops, or maybe you order washi, or other things like that, a lot of times they will provide you with a free Journaling Card is their way of saying, “Thank you for placing your order here is something for free”. 


So over time, I have accumulated a lot of Journaling Cards. And I'm probably not the only one that has a lot of Journaling Cards. So, I wanted to do a video to give you some ideas on some ways that you can use your Journaling Cards.


So let me just show you some examples of some Journaling Cards here. 


So, a lot of times the people that do stickers and washi tape and other types of planner accessories. They're creative people, and they do artwork. So, the Journaling Cards make sense because they display their artwork. And a lot of times on the back of Journaling Cards, it's blank and the paper has two so that you can write on the back of the Journaling Cards if you'd like to.


So, this is just some examples of Journaling Cards that I have collected over time. Some of them are foiled, and they're like a harder cardstock. Most of these Journaling Cards were from Simply Gilded. Here are some Journaling Cards that I collected from Cloth and Paper. And a lot of her Journaling Cards are inspirational sayings. This is like a clear, I think it's called a Journaling Card that I got from Cloth and Paper. This is a Journaling Card that I got from Sesave, which also sells planner accessories. So, I appreciate the gesture when I buy something, somebody's given me something for free, I don't care what it is. 


So, let's get into some ideas on how to use the Journaling Cards that you may have accumulated over time.


So, idea number one is that you may use your Journaling Cards to create a planner dashboard. So let me just show you how to make one really quick. By the way, this is a binder that sold at And the cool thing about this binder is that if you want you can wear it with a chain. So, it can be worn as a purse if you like or you don't have to use the chain and you can just use it as a regular planner. So here are some blank planner pages that I got from Amazon. So, I put them in here. So, I'm going to do a quick planner dashboard with this and the reason I picked this is because I think it will match my binder here.



So here it is, is an example of how you can make a planter dashboard out of a Journaling Card. And of course, if you like if you have a laminator machine, you can laminate it or not because some people like how it's raised and how it looks in their planner like that. But hopefully this gave you an idea of some of the things and how creative you can be with the Journaling Cards. 


And just so you know, I put a little sticker here, I'm not sure if it's straight, but it says, “Don't trip over something that is behind you”. So, it's always nice to put on a planner dashboard something inspirational, something that is uplifting that you can look at all the time. 


Another idea on how you can use your Journaling Cards is that you can cut them down and slip them in your transparent card slot, if you happen to have one in your planner binder. So, it can go in your planner binder like that. That's a great use of Journaling Cards.


Another way to use Journaling Cards is in your plastics. So here is a Journaling Card that are stuck here in the plastic section. And I think that looks really neat and nice in the planner. So if you have a Journaling Card that is the shape of a card, you have certainly a lot of options with a Journaling card like that, because you can slip them into card slot holder. 



Another popular thing to do with Journaling Cards is to use them as what's called “tip ends”. So tip ends when you use a piece of washi and just place it in your notebook, in your journal or in your planner. So let me show you an example of how that would look. So, what you would do, a lot of times if you are a spiritual person, you can write a Bible verse on the back of your Journaling Card or something inspirational or some type of encouragement that you like to hear. So, here's an example of where I wrote one of my favorite quotes or ideas from the Bible.


So, notice how this page is just full so if you have a page that's already full of writing and you want to add one more thing, you can tip in a Journaling Card to add something extra to the page. So let me show you how the tip in works. You just simply take some washi tape itself or whatever it said you want to use and you would just put it in your planner like this and the idea is with the washi tape, you can just tip it up and read what's on the other side. 


Another idea for Journaling Cards is that you can use them for your pictures. Here I have a little small mini-HP printer. And these have adhesive on the back. If you'd like you can take your pictures and stick them on the back of your Journaling Cards, it makes them sturdier. And if you'd like it kind of hides the picture where you kind of have to lift it up or adds interest to your journal or notebook because you lift it up to see the picture on the other side. 


Another idea for using Journaling Cards is to actually use them as a postcard. So, you can always write something on the back of your Journaling Cards. This one's already set up to be like a postcard, you can write in and address in a note to a friend or a family member or somebody that you just want to check on. I love getting handwritten things in the mail. I think writing is becoming a lost art with all of the electronics and emails, it certainly sticks out when somebody gets a postcard or a written letter in the mail these days, because in my mailbox, they're mostly bills. So, I always get excited when I see something handwritten which isn't often being mailed to me. So, you can use your Journaling Cards to just drop in on friends and family with the quick notes. 



Another cute idea for Journaling Cards is to use it as a bookmark. So, something simple you can do is take your hole puncher. And this is mostly for people who have a Ring Bound planner or a Disk Bound planner or some type of planner where you can punch holes in it and put it in, you can use your Journaling Card as a pretty page mark. So, I'm going to stick this in here. I've chosen it and I can simply go in your planner like that. And when you close it, it sticks up so that you can grab hold of the page that you're on. Also, if you'd like you can write an inspirational quote or put some of your favorite photos here on the back or decorate this any way you like. 


Another Journaling Card idea is to use it for journaling is called a Journaling Card. So, it makes sense that you can use it in your journal. One thing that I like to do that I think always looks neat is the outline method; that involves putting the journal and card in your journal and then taking a marker and outlining it and I think it always has a really neat effect. And there it is, doesn't that look great with an outline. I mean, it just makes it pop off the page. And I always love that look. 


Another idea for Postcards is that you can always hang them up on your wall, you can make a collage of your favorite ones and add wall decoration to your office. So that's always a nice way to use it. Sometimes if you don't want to apply the Journaling Cards directly to your wall. You can also use a cork board or you can use a magnetic board and use magnets to hold them up. But there are multiple ways that you can hang up and use your Journaling Cards as art you can either find a picture frame and put them in picture frames if you like and use them as art and hang them up like an art collage. 



I think this is something nice too for students that have a dorm room and they're just looking for some inexpensive quick ways to decorate their desk area. They could hang these up or if you are a student that has a locker, you can hang up your Journaling Cards in your locker as a quick way to decorate your locker or your space. 


Another way to use a Journaling Card is as a gift tag. You can turn it on the back and write who to gift this to and who it's from. You can punch a hole in it and slip it in ribbon or you can just use it and tape it to a gift so it can be tipped up and so they can see who the gift is from. 


And my last Journaling Card idea is that you can store your Journaling Cards away like in a photo album. Sometimes people just enjoy flipping through their Journaling Cards because it reminds them of past purchases and past times. And so that is a great way to collect your Journaling Cards. 


Do you use your Journaling Cards in a way that I didn't discuss here? I would love to hear about it in the comment. Some of the best ideas come from you in the comments, so please feel free to leave a comment because people read the comments to get ideas from the community. Please don't forget to like this video. This is Tonya, helping you feel more organized so this can be your best year yet.



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