A Review of the Wonderland 222 Weekly Planner

A Review of the Wonderland 222 Weekly Planner

Hello my friends, I hope you're doing well. In this video I will be doing a review of the Wonderland Weekly planners. I have the A6 size planner, A5 size planner and the B6 size planner. This video will be helpful for you if you're looking for a Bounded planner. Bounded planners have a smaller footprint and are easier to carry around.


Now when I say a smaller footprint, I mean a smaller footprint as opposed to a Ring Bound planner or a Disk bound planner and a Spiral bound planner and other planners out there. So, if you're looking for a planner that is lighter and easier to carry, the smallest footprint in my opinion would be a Bounded planner like these.


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So, I've been seeing the Wonderland 222 planners for some time on social media and I've been wanting to try them out. Now I have reviewed other bounded planners on my channel. I have reviewed the Hobonichi Toucho Cousin that you see here and I have also reviewed the Franklin planner, Japanese organizer. 


All of these planners, the Hobonichi, the Franklin planner, Japanese planner, and the Wonderland they all have sewn bound stitching. And the great thing about sewn bound stitching is that the planner will lie flat. So that means when you're writing in a planner is not trying to close on your hands like some Book Bound planners do. Or if the planner is stapled that will likely try to close on your hand as well. So that's the advantage to these types of planners. The smaller slim footprint so they're easier to carry and that they live flat. And when you're writing in these planners, you're not obstructed by rank. So you can utilize this space on your planner and this is space that you typically can't utilize if you're using a Ring Bound planner because the rings are in the way. 


Let me show you if you're using a Ring Bound planner, you can't utilize the space over here because your hands will run into the rings or if you're using a Disk Bound planner or if you're using a Spiral Bound planner, you can't use the space over here. 


So first let's talk about the difference in sizes now. Again, all of these planners are weekly planners so they're relatively thin. I believe they do have daily planners as well on their site. These are all about a half an inch when you measure it this way. So, this is the A6 size planner, it is the smallest one I have here.

So, with the A6 size, this planner is about 5.75 inches long and across it is about four inches. This is the B6 size planner. This is a little less than five inches wide and is less than seven inches tall and A5 size which is similar to a Franklin planner classic size; it is very similar. The A5 size is 5.5 inches wide and about eight and a quarter inches tall. So the A5 size will fit in my planner covers that are sold at Tonyaplans.com.


It is hard to find a planner cover with all of these features that are ringless. In my planner cover, it has a snap closure here. It has a slim profile so it's perfect for your A5 size planners and you can save money with a discount promo code, Tonyaplans10. It has a pocket that goes all the way down here. There is a zipper here with a gusseted pocket that expands out. You have a place here where you can put documents. You have several card slot holders and a see-through card slot holder. And on the back, you have a pocket here to smaller pockets here. 


So, what makes this unique too is that you can put a notepad here. This is a notepad that I got from Simply Gilded, you can just slip it in that way and use it like a portfolio. Here's another note pad that you can slip in just to show you how that works. And a great thing about this binder is that it has pockets going on this side and it has pockets going on this side. You can take the Wonderland planner, and you can slide it in as so and then when you close it here it has a small footprint as you can see there. Or if you'd like you can slip another notebook in on this side. Let's say you just want a notebook for notes and you want to put them both in a planner you can do so. The A5 size will fit in here going this way like this.


This cover also has an elasticized pen loop so they expand out if you have a larger ink pen. And of course, this cover will also fit the Hobonichi A5 planner as you can see there and it will fit the Franklin planner A5 planner.


We're going to review the A5 size first. So, with the cover of the Wonderland planner the black one feels like they said it's like a leatherette material. It appears that there is harder cardstock on this side of the cover, and then you have get a more durable material on this side. 


Now with this color, I think this is called a pink or peach. I got to go and look but with this cover it seems a little sturdier with this material here. And with this one, this is the A6 size. Let me open this. This is like sturdier material. Again, this is the A5 size. This planner features a lot of grids, which I like. I personally like writing on grids. There's a blank page here that says, “Key”. There is a page here also called index. So, you have three index pages, then you have your annual calendars for four years here. And on these annual calendars. Notice that the months start with Monday, not Saturday. 


So, on this page is a yearly calendar where you have all of the months going down vertically in a column here and you can see your whole year at a glance. At the bottom there are some grids here. I really liked the fonts on these pages. I liked that the fonts are clear and easy to read. I really liked it, the lines in the gray are light gray. So, what that means when you write with a black pen or any color pen, your writing is going to stick out on the page. So here you have a quarterly review. So, this says first quarter and you have your monthly calendars here three months all on one page, then you have the same thing for all four of the quarters. And here is a routine tracker or timeline. So, this is the whole month and you can look at the month in a vertical format. So, the days of the week are written cross here and it tells you what day it is in this column. And these are the days here. So, if you want to track certain things like habits etc, you can use this format to do so. 

So, you have one of these pages for each of the months and you have a whole page for notes and then you have a monthly overview here. 


Now this paper is 52 GSM and this is Tomo River Paper. Tomo River Paper is popular outside of the United States; especially if you want a planner with a thin format. This paper is known for being very thin and very durable. However, with this paper there is ghosting on the other side. So, you will see I wrote on this side and you can see that there's ghosting there. That doesn't bother me personally because as soon as I start writing on this side of the page, my eyes will go to my writing. So, if you're not familiar with Tomo River Paper, do you know that real light paper in the little Bibles it's similar to that paper? It is almost like tissue but this paper is thicker than the paper you will find in those little travel Bibles if you know what I'm talking about. This paper is thicker than that. The Hobonichi has Tomo River Paper and the Franklin planner Japanese planner also has Tomo River paper. You want to use an ink pen with fast drying ink because Tomo River Paper your ink will smear if it doesn't have time to dry. 


So, this is the December monthly format. Again, it starts with a Monday date because all of these planners that I'm showing; the Hobonichi, the Franklin planner, Japanese and a wonderland 2022 all of their monthly planner pages have a Monday start date. So, with this monthly spread you have a month spread across two pages. You have a column here where you can write what you like. You can see the month before and the month after written here and there is a grid format. On these planner pages you do have holidays and you do have the moon phases. 


If you're wondering how much space you have to write in this is an inch and a half. If you have sticker kits that are inch and a half it will fit on these planner pages. So, the months are correlated throughout the planner. So, this is the weekly spread and with this planner it is dated. I believe they do sell undated planners as well. So, the weekly spread is vertical. This is Monday, this is Tuesday, this is Wednesday, and so on and so forth. Saturday and Sunday shares a column here and Saturday and Sunday don't have the times on it like it does for the rest of the week. 


The top is just a blank area so this is 7am and then it goes down to 21:00 which I believe is 7pm. 


These columns are about 1.75 inches wide. Again, I pulled out my separate gilded stickers here and these box stickers would fit in your weekly spread if you're into that. 


So, I'm going to go to the end of the planner here. These are undated daily pages. So, you get weekly planner pages and daily planner pages. The only thing is that the weekly pages are dated. The daily pages are undated. And that's great because some days you don't need a daily planner page you don't have enough going on. But some days that are busy you can always come out here and use the daily planner pages. See how there are lines here you can put the month day and year here for the page and if you like this is a full 24 hours schedule in military time. So, you can plan your entire day. If you want to use these times. 


I'm going to show you this up close so you can see. So, you have several daily planner pages now you don't have enough for the whole year. You don't have 365 pages but you have an ample amount that I think will appease most people. 


So that concludes the end of the planner. 


So, let's quickly look at these other smaller Wonderland planners. This is the B6 size. So, flipping through here the planner pages in the B6 size look very similar to what I just showed you in a larger A5 size. And the weekly columns are a little less than one and a half inches here. And then for the A six size it too is just about made the same. With the quarterly planner pages the month spreads across to the second page so you have a little more room to write and the routine tracker looks like this. So then on the weekly columns these measure about one and a quarter inch wide and in the back, you have your daily planner pages. 


So, one thing I forgot to mention is that you get two ribbons with each of the planners. If you actually have this Wonderland planner, please leave a comment underneath this video because some people look at these videos and they're trying to figure out which planner that they want to get and your comments can really make a difference. Let me know what you think of the Wonderland planner if you happen to own it or if you don't own this planner just let me know what you think of the planner in general. Do you like it? If you don't, I would love to hear your thoughts either way. Please don't forget to like this video. This is Tonya helping you feel more organized so this can be your best year yet.

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