How To Make Your Planner More


Do you love your planner but dread carrying it around?  Here are some ideas to make your planner more portable.

View Vera Bradley Tote and Planner
My Franklin Covey leather unstructured binder fits perfectly in the Vera Bradley Small Ella Tote.

1.  Do not overfill your planner.  Do you stuff bills, coupons and everything under the sun in your planner?  If so, it’s a good idea to clean it out from time to time.  Expired coupons, heavy decorations and excessive pictures of Fido just weighs the planner down making it harder to carry.  Also remember to remove unneeded planner pages, especially if you have daily inserts which can amount to a lot of heavy pages.

2.  Get a handbag, tote or backpack to carry your planner in.  I own a Franklin Covey Leather Unstructured Binder in the classic size (8.5 in by 6 in) and it fits perfectly in the Vera Bradley Small Ella tote.  These totes are a winner because they have a zip closure and the leather totes have a quality look and feel.

Picture of tote with planner
Franklin Covey Planner in my purse

3.  Leave it.  That’s right.  Leave your planner in the car, leave it at your desk but don’t leave it at home.  Let’s say you have to run in the grocery store.  Grab what you need, like a grocery list and coupons, and leave the rest of the planner in the car.  It can’t get any lighter than that.

Video: Make Your Planner Portable

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