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Our pick for the best teacher planner is TF Publishing’s Teacher Academic Year Planner – 2018/2019Buy it now for only $16.99 USD plus save even more with the coupon codes at bottom of this page (scroll down).  

Here’s a list of this planner’s best features.

  • Monthly spread calendars so you can see the whole month at a glance with adjacent lined page for notes
Open Planner Monthly Format
  • Two page weekly layout with expansive grid to cover 6 class periods each school day
  • Have trouble seeing small print?  No problem.  This teacher planner is 9 inches by 11 inches, spiral bound so it will lay flat on your desk.
    • The cover is durable and available in a professional-looking dark charcoal.
    • Weekly quotes for inspiration
    • Birthday lists – keep up with class birthdays!
    • Semester overviews
    • Holiday lists
    Holiday Planner
    • Class lists
    • Covers July 2018 – June 2019
    • Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, middle school, high school and college
    • Want to customize your planner?  Scroll down to pick out your binder and inserts.

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    Some ideas to include in a teacher planner are class schedules, class periods, class birthdays, holiday lists, semester overviews, period ending dates, school calendar deadlines and grades.

    Yes, you can also get this planner on Amazon with fast, free shipping here.

    I don’t recommend planning apps for teachers and here’s why. 

    • In my opinion, it doesn’t look professional to be looking at your cell phone at work or while teaching students.  While you may be doing bone fide work on your phone, many people perceive looking at your phone while communicating with others as rude.  Also your students may perceive you looking at your phone as not paying attention to them.
    • Electronics such as tablets and cell phones have a lot of distracting notifications.  I can’t tell you how many times I went on my cell phone to check my bank balance and ended up watching a video on youtube!
    • Paper planners allow whitespace time so you can collect your thoughts and think clearly.  Watch this video on using your planner for stress management.

    My favorite places to buy teacher planners are at FranklinPlanner, Amazon and Ebay.  Here are my picks from each place.

    Any planner with a weekly layout with grid is best for scheduling blocks for classes.

    The TF Publishing Teacher Academic Year Planner – 2018/2019 is great for male teachers because the cover is durable and available in a professional-looking dark charcoal.  Also, inside the planner has everything a teacher would need.

    For a more customized planner, consider building a planner with binder and inserts picked out yourself.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to review various binders and inserts.  Be sure to use promo codes to save big.

    The Teacher Academic Year Planner – 2018/2019 has a Student Tracker section that could be used to record grades.

    Yes, you can get this teacher day planner in Canada.  Franklin Planner ships to Canada.

    The Teacher Academic Year Planner has a Student Tracker section that could be used to record attendance.

    In order to have the best of both worlds, a teacher planner and a diary, I recommend the ring-bound planner.  This will ensure you have enough pages for a diary and the ability to personalize it.  There are weekly inserts with grid which is great for teachers block scheduling and class planning.  A ring bound planner will also enable you to have a teacher planner with pockets and add your own custom pages to the planner.

    I hope you enjoyed these tips on teacher planner organizers (or organisers if you are in the UK).  Now get inspired.  Enjoy some of my planner videos below. 

    My 2018 Classic Planner Setup Video​

    Custom build your planner.

    Franklin Covey Store Locations

    Is there a Franklin Covey store near me?

    Unfortunately, there is only one Franklin Planner store open where you can touch and feel the official planning supplies and accessories.  I miss the days when I could peruse these planners at my local mall.  After all these years, Franklin Covey still has the best planners for serious productivity.

    The only open Franklin Covey store with planners is

    West Valley City, UT
    2150 West Parkway Blvd. 
    West Valley City, UT 84119

    Hours: M-F 8:30 – 5:30
    Phone: 801-817-1003

    So if you happen to be in the Utah area, stop by.  I hear they sometimes have a clearance section.

    Don’t live near Utah?  Shop deals online here.

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    Using A Planner to Organize

    Medical Information

    A few years ago, we had a life changing event in our family. We learned that my husband’s uncontrolled blood pressure caused irreparable damage to his kidneys.

    Franklin Covey Leather Unstructured Binder

    For the rest of his life, he would have to go on dialysis or get a kidney transplant to survive.  Who should we blame for this?  While there are many people we could blame, the real blame is ours.  It’s our fault we weren’t tracking my husband’s blood pressure.  It’s our fault we left his health in the hands of others.  The blame is ours.

    As his wife, I now use a planner to keep track of his medical information, as well as for the rest of the family.  A planner enables me to recall important medical information and notice irregular trends in blood pressure and weight.

    View Tonya Plans and Husband
    Me and My Husband

    While you may not be a medical expert, keeping your medical information organized in a planner is a great way to monitor and organize health information.

    Below are some tips for organizing medical information in your planner.

    1.  Add a “Medical” section to your planner.  This section will be used to house all medical information so you have the information handy.  I have a binder planner with rings and simply added a tab for medical information.
    View planner medical tabs
    Key Information and Medical tabs in my planner

    2.  Add a list of medications being taken for you and your loved ones.  Whenever you go to a medical facility, you will always be asked for a list of current medications and vitamins.  Having this information handy will relieve some stress so you can focus on the doctor’s appointment itself.  Be sure to include drug name, dosage, frequency and the doctor who prescribed it.  Medication lists can be written on plain planner note pages.  I typed mine and placed in a clear sheet protector.

    3.  Use your planner to take notes during doctor’s appointment.  This way you can write down important medical information and refer back to it later.  At doctor’s appointments, I  ask the medical staff spell out complicated medical terms.  After the appointment, I refer back to my medical notes and google medical information to get a better understanding.  I even can view pictures and diagrams on the internet to increase my awareness about the medical condition.  After doing research, I’m able to ask better questions regarding what to expect and in return, my loved ones get better care.

    Isn’t she lovely?  This is the planner I use.

    4.  Use clear page protectors for medical pages used frequently.  I refer to my husband’s medication list often so I keep it in a clear plastic sheet protector.

    Clear Sheet Protectors are cheap and useful…only $1.95

    5.  Consider including a key information page in your planner.  This page can include your blood type, medical insurance information, allergy information, etc.  Franklin Covey has a starter kit which includes Key Information pages.  I keep key information for each family member on these pages. 

    6.   Keep a log of medical appointments.  Record date  of service, purpose of visit and doctor information in a neat log.  This comes in handy when you get medical bills and have no idea what the bill is for.

    Also I used the log of medical appointments when we met with a lawyer about getting husband’s disability benefits.  The lawyer needed a list of doctors he saw so he could subpoena medical records for his case.  (By the way, I couldn’t believe that after all the years he worked, we had to hire a lawyer to get his benefits!!!  If you want to hear about how he got approved for disability benefits, subscribe to my youtube channel.  I will be doing a video about it soon.)

    7.  Keep a log vital statistics like blood pressure, diabetic blood sugar levels and your weight.  This will help identify trends and enable to you to have constructive conversations with your doctor about your health. .  

    Video: Organizing Medical Information In Your Planner

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