Emergency Planning



Protect yourself and your family by preparing for an emergency ahead of time. 

Three emergency planning tips no one told you about

  1. Notify electrical company if someone in your home has medical needs that relies on electricity.  My husband has end stage renal disease and takes hemo dialysis at home.   It’s good for the electrical company to have this information.  In the event of a power outage, electricity may be restored a little quicker.  While there’s no guarantee the electrical company gives preference to those with medical conditions, it doesn’t hurt for them to have this information. 
  2. Know your evacuation zones.  Do a google search to find your state’s evacuation zones.  If you find you are in an area that is likely to evacuate, prepare now.  Some ways to prepare is to download an emergency checklist and pack an emergency backpack.
  3. Do you or your loved one have a medical condition?  Wearing medical jewelry can help first responders react more quickly in emergency situations. You may be eligible for free medical jewelry, see link at bottom of this page.
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