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Planner Inserts



You are free to print and use these planner inserts!

Check back often as I will be adding new, free inserts for your planner!

1. Social Media Tracker

2. Wedding Estimate Printable

3. Menu Planner (Link will take you to FranklinPlanner.com, where you can print insert.)

If you have a ring-bound planner (not be confused with a wire-bound planner) like Franklin Planner or Filofax, you will need planner inserts to go in them.  The great thing about ring-bound planners is that you can customize the pages however to your needs whereas with wire-bound planners you must use the planner pages provided to you. 

You can print free planner inserts from this page, cut them out and punch holes in them to be placed in your planner.

This is a personal preference.  When you print your own planner inserts, it’s never completely free:  you must have your own paper, printer ink and hole puncher.  It takes time to print the pages, cut the pages down to size and punch holes in them.

Personally, I prefer to buy my planner pages from here.  I do this because 1.) it’s easier 2.) I prefer my planner pages to be in color 3.) I want all my planner pages to be the same size.  When you DIY, the results of the paper pages can vary.

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