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How I Use Franklin Planner

I have used Franklin Planner products for over 15 years.  I was first introduced to their products at work through a productivity class.  Class participants were given a green and white day on two page inserts and a storage binder for free (well, my employer probably paid for it).  We were also given a starter pack and taught how to use it.  My employer hoped that if it taught its employees to manage time, they could get more productivity from them.  During the class I also learned to use the weekly compass, which is a integral part of the Franklin Planner system.  See my video on the weekly compass here:  

As time went on cell phones became increasingly popular.  For a couple of years, I thought I could replace my paper planner with my cell phone.  I would schedule appointments and take quick notes on my cell phone.  One day I realized I did not feel “organized.”  I was running from one cell phone notification to another with no strategy.  That’s when I decided to go back to paper planners.  When I tried to buy the Franklin Planner products, I realized their products were no longer sold in stores and I had to order the products online.  I hope you will enjoy the 2019 discount promo codes on this website. 

Click here to see videos on how I use my planner.

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